The extra support from Prevagen helped him achieve and feel more confident.

Jeremiah, 73
Retired school principal

Jeremiah is a 73-year-old ordained pastor with the Presbyterian Church who is waiting to be called into active duty for the Lord. As this native son of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago explains, “I am presently awaiting a ‘call’ to serve a church fulltime.”

He couldn’t be waiting in a more promising-named place, which is known as the town of Rising Sun only a stone’s throw south of the Mason-Dixon Line that defines the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Jeremiah has traveled a long way from his island homeland deep in the Caribbean to his current residence with one of his four children in the rural landscape of northern Maryland. After retiring as a Presbyterian high school principal, Jeremiah followed his strong religious beliefs to attend and graduate from one of the oldest Presbyterian theological seminary in the United States.

“During my entire life I have tried to live an exemplary life in service to God and my fellow human beings,” Jeremiah says. “As a high school principal I sought to motivate those under my charge to do the same and focused on their holistic growth which included the emotional and spiritual.”

Ever since his boyhood in Trinidad and Tobago, Jeremiah explains he has “focused on staying healthy by eating sensibly, exercising (I have a membership at a local gym), and being positive in everything I do.”

During his seminary studies Jeremiah was having minor issues with memory and recall, as can happen with age. He started to use Prevagen. He explains that he thinks the little bit of extra support helped him achieve and feel more confident. He’s proud to say “I was able to successfully gain nine credits in each language, with a B- in Greek and an A- in Hebrew.”

While awaiting the call to become a full-time pastor, Jeremiah remains focused on his day-to-day life in Rising Sun, leading the healthy, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle of the PrevaGeneration. He is also serving voluntarily as pastor in Delaware in a ministry that helps a church fill its pulpit in times of need.

This is a man guided by his faith. He says, “I always tell people that my mantra for successful and meaningful living is to have a positive relationship with a higher being (God, in my case) and a loving relationship with their fellow human beings.”

Which is the kind of outlook on life that makes him a very good pastor when the call comes to him at Rising Sun.