“I seem to be able to think more clearly now and feel more creative.”

Greg, 63
Manufacturing Technician

Greg, a 63-year-old guy, mows his own lawn with a push mower in the heat of the day in his hometown just outside of Atlanta. Greg cuts his lawn the hard way. While sweating off a few pounds in the Georgia heat for health reasons, he takes pride in doing a good job.

Which is a pretty apt metaphor of how Greg has lived his life, how he’s risen through the ranks to become a technician at a company that produces synthetic fiber that is found in everyday life.

Greg has made his own way up the career ladder in his 40 years at the company, learning on the job, benefiting from the expertise of mentors, doing his own reading and research, and just plain lots of hard work. “I bring the School of Hard Knocks to the table,” he likes to say with a measure of understandable pride and a healthy dose of humility. He’s a constant tinkerer, happiest when he can fix things or find ways to make something work right.

He has struggled with health issues as he’s gone through his life, and confesses that cutting his lawn with the push mower is in fact just one way to lose some weight by sweating the pounds off in that often torrid Georgia heat. Greg and his wife Karen have two children and two grandchildren that have created a great amount of joy and fulfillment in their lives.

About three years ago, Greg realized that the opportunities and the responsibilities of his job were becoming more complex and challenging. Staying sharp was becoming a bigger challenge for him. Typically for this self-made man, Greg started to look for solutions, researching, reading, seeking information from others. His search led him to Prevagen and he tried it.

“It’s helped me,” he reports. “I seem to be able to think more clearly now and feel more creative.”

As long as he doesn’t start mowing crazy eights in that lawn of his and stays focused on cutting strait lines in his yard, he should be just fine. Or, as yet another good example of how members of the PrevaGeneration are leading healthy, balanced and fulfilling lives, it’s Greg’s choice to do what he wants.

His sage advice for living a good life says it all: “Try hard every day and go to sleep at night with a smile on your face.”