“Prevagen has really worked. My fellow employees are amazed at my memory.”

George and Charlotte, 80s
Former Management & Sales

Some morning if you’re driving around Charlotte, NC, and pull into the Costco service station for some gas, keep an eye out for the spry older gentleman working around the place, maybe checking the pumps or lending a helping hand to the customers. His name is George Jones, and besides offering up a joke or riddle to put a smile on the face of travelers, he has a lifetime of stories to share, if you ask him.

George and his wife Charlotte, whose marriage spans more than six decades, are nearing their mid-Eighties and still going strong, probably because they have spent most of their time on earth working hard and doing things for others. Charlotte handles all their personal business and paperwork, loves her crossword puzzles, and has fond memories of 28 years spent teaching young girls how to be a Brownie in the Girl Scouts. George keeps up the yard, does odd jobs around the house, and likes to solve Sudoku puzzles. The couple takes the senior exercise class three times a week at the local YMCA, and they try to go out for dinner at least once a week.

“Our marriage is very strong,” George reports, “and we do what we can to help our family. We give what we can to our favorite charities. We feel we are meant to love, help, share and contribute what we can in this life.”

His own path through life has been one step up the ladder after another, beginning with enlisting in the Marines at the age of 18 and serving in the Korean War. With his military service behind him and just a high school education, George came back home to St. Petersburg, FL where he and Charlotte met and married, and he began working in Honeywell’s testing lab for the Polaris submarine, then in the Bendix Avionics operation in Fort Lauderdale. The couple moved to the Virgin Islands when George landed a job as property manager at one of Laurance Rockefeller’s resorts, and then came back to Florida to take a job in chemical sales helping golf courses keep their fairways and greens healthy.

Eventually, the couple settled in the North Carolina mountains to be near children and grandchildren. George shifted into a semi-retirement mode that today keeps him busy at the local Costco.

About four years ago, George and Charlotte saw a TV commercial for Prevagen and decided to give it a try. “My memory had begun to shut down a bit, and the Prevagen has really worked,” he says. “My fellow employees are amazed at my memory. I just received a high score on my yearly review and I plan to continue working mainly because I like interacting with other people.”

George and Charlotte are truly inspirational examples of what belonging to the Prevageneration is all about. “The key to a good life,” George says, “is to be kind to others and be ready to offer them some help, if they ask for it.”