Greg is a motivating man in constant motion, taking good care of his 68-year-old physique and, just as important to this retired General Motors sales executive, helping a whole lot of people in his amazingly active life. “I believe in the Golden Rule,” he says, “I always try to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.”

Managing relationships has always been one of Greg’s core skills, both as an area sales manager for GM balancing the needs of auto and truck dealerships with the giant company’s manufacturing output, and now in retirement serving as a substitute teacher at area junior and senior high schools. In both spheres, Greg has relied on the fact that he’s been dubbed “a born salesman,” as well as on his ability to connect faces with names and “keep all the puppies in the box,” as he manages to maintain order in the classroom. He began using Prevagen three years ago and credits it for helping him remember the names of the young people in what he calls “the constant changing of the guard” in different schools, different classrooms, and every new school year.

He thrives on the feedback he gets from the students as he takes them through their lesson plans, whether he greets them by name in school or around town. “They may not know that I use Prevagen, but they sure do know I remember who they are,” he says.

Serving as a substitute teacher for the past 10 years is only one part of Greg’s life these days. He also keeps busy as a motivational speaker and can be found on YouTube talking about achieving good grades with good study habits. He has also worked with student-athletes at Illinois State University on specific ways to keep their grades up so they don’t risk losing their athletic scholarships. As a student-athlete alumnus of Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio, this Cleveland native has never lost his appreciation for managing the challenges of earning a college degree while competing on the field of play.

Staying fit is still an important part of this born salesman’s lifestyle, playing four-to-eight games a week of full-court basketball with a bunch of younger guys, swimming laps in a local pool, sweating out the miles on a 10-speed bike, or pumping iron in the gym. “My cardio doctor tells me he plans to send me a 105th birthday card,” he laughs.

One other thing about this man in motion…he is rightfully proud of how he carries a solid 210 pounds on his Sixty Something 5’11” frame, even if, as he admits with a laugh, “I’m not as buffed as I once was.” It calls to mind something worth remembering: taking care of others begins with taking care of yourself, a lesson Greg epitomizes in his healthy, balanced and incredibly fulfilling life as a member of the Prevageneration.