If ever there was a household that has always relied on being able to keep track of things, it would have to be Debra and husband Robert’s family of four children leading a very active life in the Rocky Mountain environs of Denver, Colorado.

Debra has had a long career in the FBI and she stays busy these days working in her community’s schools providing support for youngsters facing special challenges in their lives. Her husband Robert retired as a deputy in the Denver Sheriff Department, and he is beginning a new chapter in his life working in Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration. Having been engaged in law enforcement careers that call for a razor-sharp memory, Debra says, “We both know the importance of remembering details and facts,” and of course keeping track of the activities and accomplishments of our four children has also been a constant challenge.”

“Just living life can be pretty stressful, but it’s also very rewarding,” Debra says, clearly proud of her active family, and how they’ve all gone through life with a genuine commitment to being of service to others in their community and the even wider world beyond Denver.

As parents, Robert and Debra have always tried to live an active, service-driven life that’s imbued with the importance and value of helping others. Before becoming a Denver Sheriff Deputy, for instance, Robert served in the U.S. military, and as a sheriff’s deputy, he focused on enforcing the law while treating everyone with respect. After stepping down from her post as an FBI support officer, Debra served for many years as a volunteer paraprofessional in her neighborhood school before she began working as a paraprofessional in the local schools.

“I’ve had a great memory my whole life,” she explains. “My family has always relied on me to recall things and keep things organized and straight. I could always depend on my memory in my work in the FBI’s Denver office, and in in my work in our schools,” Debra says. “But as I grew older my memory got kind of foggy, which I believe came from a hectic, full and busy life. Then one day about a year and a half ago, I saw a commercial for Prevagen on television and decided to give it a try.”

In about two months Debra noticed an improvement in her memory. “I was thinking more clearly again,” she says, “recalling things again and able to exercise my brain.”

In their active, busy and engaged lives, Debra and Robert are good examples of how a healthy brain is an essential element in an active family and a lifetime of of service to others.