Fun Ways to Get Active with Your Pet
Fun Ways to Get Active with Your Pet

National Pet Month Meets Fitness Month - Ways to Get Active with Your Pet

Last week we talked about National Pet Month and the health and brain benefits you can enjoy when having a pet. May is both National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. The two fit together perfectly.

We already know that regular exercise offers some great brain benefits. Harvard notes that physical activity can boost memory and improve thinking skills. It may even reduce brain fog and reduce your risk of age-related mental decline.

Why not combine the benefits of fitness with the benefits of having a pet? It’s the perfect way to bring more activity and joy into your life. We’ve put together some fun ways you can get active with your pet this month.

Play a Little Soccer
Most dogs love playing fetch, but that doesn’t help you get active. Instead, try playing a little soccer together. Get your dog interested in the ball and then have fun kicking it around together. You’ll both get some exercise.

A Simple Walk
If running isn’t your or your dog’s thing, walking is a great time to enjoy your pet’s company while getting some good cardio. If you need something a little more challenging, try hiking together.

Try Some Cat Cardio
Getting active with your cat can take a bit more creativity, but you have some fun options. Consider introducing your cat to a kitty harness and head out on a stroll (avoid the local dogs). Cats love chasing, so jump rope can be fun, or you can use a laser or light to create a light jump rope for your cat.

Head to the Beach
You can bet your dog will enjoy a beach day with you. Check to make sure the beach allows dogs before you go. Once you’re there, walk in the sand, play fetch in the surf, or jump some waves together.

Pets often encourage us to get more active, and that’s great for our body and our brain. Try one of these fun activities with your pet and let us know how it goes. Stay tuned! Next week we’re going to provide the brain benefits to playing a sport.