Top Brain Benefits of Camping
Benefits of Camping

4 Ways Camping is Good for Your Brain

The sunny days of summer are here, and it’s the perfect time to head out camping with your family or a few friends. Dig out your tents and sleeping bags because not only is camping fun, but it’s also great for your brain and your overall health.

Many of those brain benefits to camping come from exposure to nature. In fact, researchers have studied both long-term and short-term exposure to nature. They’ve found that even short periods in nature offer some great benefits to the brain. Here are just a few of those ways camping is great for your brain.

1 – High Serotonin Levels
As you get out in nature, enjoy the sunlight, hike through the woods, and breathe in that fresh air. You’ll increase your oxygen intake. With increased oxygen intake, there’s an increase in serotonin levels. Serotonin is a chemical produced by your body that affects the brain, making you feel happier. You’ll get an even bigger boost if you’re camping and bonding with people you love.

2 – Boosts Problem Solving Skills
You'll have to figure out where you’ll set up your camp, find supplies for a campfire, and figure out what to cook for dinner. Your brain has to get busy to solve the problems you encounter while camping. Camping helps train your brain to solve complex problems. Keep camping, and you’ll give your problem-solving skills a boost.

3 – Reduces Negative Thinking
Researchers have found that being outdoors can actually reduce negative thinking. This helps to calm you, as well. When you’re trekking through the woods or laying under the stars, it’s easier to let go of that negativity.

4 – Rests and Recharges the Brain
Camping can rest and recharge the brain, especially if you get out in nature without technology. Being technology-free can lower stress and improve your productivity.

Check back next week! We’ll be taking a closer look at why the beach is so great for your mental health and physical health.