The Four Types of People to Avoid and Why it Matters
The Four Types of People to Avoid and Why it Matters

The Four Types of People to Avoid and Why it Matters

Every day we meet people who have a variety of different personality traits. Some types of people may help you grow, encourage you, and become long-term friends. Others may have personality traits that leave you feeling drained, both mentally and physically. Being around the wrong types of people can become stressful, so it’s important to know what types of people to avoid in your life to maintain peace and mental wellbeing.

1 – The Criticizers
Constructive criticism is one thing, but people who love to criticize everything can bring you down. No matter how well people do something, the criticizers will always find something wrong with everything. These individuals are very pessimistic and nothing is ever good enough for them. People who are critical will always be judging you, so it’s better for your mental health to avoid the criticizers.

2 – Negative People
Negative people are those who can suck the joy out of any room. And being around these individuals is a serious problem for your brain. Science shows that negative thinking is bad for your brain, and being around people who are constantly negative can rub off on you. The main product of negative thinking is stress, and negative thinking is linked to poor memory.

3 – Self-Absorbed
Self-absorbed people are all about "me." They have a tough time seeing others’ perspectives and often lack empathy. Basic traits of a self-absorbed person include being selfish, self-centered, egoist, and obnoxious. Being around these types of people will never fulfill the needs you have for friendship because instead of the give and take that comes with healthy relationships, that individual will always just be concerned about their own feelings and needs.

4 – The Gossipers
People who always gossip about other people should be avoided. Why? Because if they gossip about others to you, they’re likely gossiping about you in front of other people. No one needs that type of negativity in their lives, so stop letting these types of people waste your time and corrupt your thoughts.

The people you’re around all the time have a significant impact on your physical and mental health. Avoid these types of toxic people for improved mental wellbeing. And while you’re at it, do your brain a favor and take your daily Prevagen supplement to boost memory and brain health.