Gardening Benefits Brain Health
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How Gardening Benefits the Brain

The month of May has finally arrived. What do we normally think of when we think of May? Perhaps warmer weather, longer days, extra sunshine, blooming flowers, and fresh produce. What do the last two items of flowers and produce have in common? They are both produced by a garden! The brain health and body benefits of maintaining a garden are endless. 5 reasons why you should take up gardening:

  • Exercise
  • Healthier Diet
  • Mindfulness
  • Fresh Air
  • Social Interaction

Brain Benefits of Gardening

  1. Exercise. When you think of gardening, exercise might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it might be time to rethink! In fact, gardening is considered to be a moderate-intensity exercise, like walking. Think about all of the squatting, twisting, and bending that is done when planting or weeding. You're working muscles that you don't normally use in everyday life. An added bonus? You'll be so focused on your gardening task, you won’t even feel like you’re getting in a workout. What's better than an undercover workout? Your brain loves physical activity, so do your mind and body a favor, and get to gardening!
  2. Healthier Diet. With fresh fruits and vegetables available at your fingertips, it’s a given that your diet will improve. Although it might not be proven, homegrown fruit and vegetables just seem to taste better than store-bought produce. Another added perk? We all know that buying organic produce can start to get pricey, but when you grow yourself, you’ll not only be having more fun, but you’ll also save some money!
  3. Mindfulness. Life is beautiful, but it can also get hectic at times. Sometimes, we all need to have some time alone. Gardening is an excellent way to create mindfulness. Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening both inside and outside of ourselves. Gardening helps to connect us to our surroundings and be in the present moment.
  4. Fresh Air. When we spend time outside in our garden, we can feel less stressed and concentrate better. You can also soak up some valuable Vitamin D. When you get outside, the brain health benefits are endless! Just a few benefits of spending time outdoors include: improving your mood, boosting your focus, and even increasing your creativity levels. Get your sunshine fix in, while tending to your garden, just don’t forget the sunscreen! Your brain health will be at its peak before you know it.
  5. Social Interaction. When you are an expert in a hobby, it’s only natural to want to share your talent! You can share your gardening expertise with your friends, children, and grandchildren. Teaching others is great for brain health. Another way to get social interaction is by sharing your garden’s produce! People seem to bond over food, so is there any better way to strengthen relationships than by bonding over food that you grew? If you are in a city where having a garden seems like it may be a difficult task, there are often community gardens where you can gather. Your brain loves socializing, so gather up your pals and bond over your gardens!

When you garden, the benefits are endless. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gardening tools, and get outside!