Ways to Exercise Your Brain and Body This Spring
Exercise and Brain Health

4 Ways to Exercise Your Brain and Body This Spring

Getting outdoors does a lot for your body, but fresh air and a natural environment also benefits your brain. Now that spring is here and the temperatures are warmer, it’s a great time to engage in outdoor activities. The great news is that you can exercise both your brain and your body outdoors, and here are a few ways to get started.

Take a Walk in Nature
Walking sounds simple, but walking in a natural environment actually can be a type of meditation for your brain. It immerses you in nature and allows your brain to unplug. At the same time, walking is a great weight-bearing exercise that benefits your entire body.

Play a Team Sport
Team sports get your body moving, but these types of sports are very mental, too. When you’re playing sports, you have to be aware of your body’s actions and movement as well as what your team is doing. Coordinating with the group to win a game requires a lot of focus, which gives both the body and mind a great workout.

Do Some Gardening
You’ll burn a surprising number of calories when you’re gardening, but it also can be very therapeutic. Getting your hands in the soil and nurturing plants relaxes the mind, even though it can be a job that requires a lot of energy.

Try Outdoor Yoga
Yoga offers many benefits to the mind and body when practiced indoors, but many people like to take their yoga practice outdoors. Doing yoga outdoors allows you to add nature to your routine, which can improve the meditative benefits of the practice for your brain.

Make the most of your spring days by getting outside for some activity. Exercising outdoors benefits the brain and body, so make the most of these longer, warmer days. Don’t forget to fuel your brain each morning with your Prevagen supplement, too, to give your memory a boost.