5 Breakfast Items You Should Just Avoid
5 Breakfast Items You Should Just Avoid

5 Breakfast Items You Should Just Avoid

While we often hear about the health benefits of eating breakfast, eating the wrong things for breakfast can be a problem. A healthy breakfast should be packed with healthy fat, protein, and fiber that keeps you feeling full and provides you with the energy you need for your day. Eat the wrong foods and you’ll end up feeling sluggish, and you may even end up gaining weight. Here’s a look at five unhealthy breakfast items you should just avoid in the morning.

1 – Most Breakfast Cereals
Yes, it’s convenient to pour a bowl of cereal in the morning, but most cereals are packed with added sugars and don’t include much protein or fiber. This means your stomach might be rumbling again far before lunchtime. Trade them out for overnight oats (not the packaged ones with added sugar) or another option that packs in fiber and protein.

2 – Waffles or Pancakes
They’re a popular option for weekend breakfasts, but pancakes and waffles are both high in refined flour. Top them with syrup and you’re adding a lot of sugar to your breakfast. Save these breakfast items as a rare treat.

3 – Flavored Yogurts
Sure, you probably think yogurt is good for you, but not all yogurts are created equal. Some flavored options have as much sugar as those donuts. Non-fat varieties won’t fill you up and have been linked to weight gain. Instead of those flavored options go with plain full-fat or low-fat options and add a bit of sweetness with some fresh fruit.

4 – Pre-Made Breakfast Sandwiches
A homemade breakfast sandwich could be a clean, healthy breakfast choice, but if you purchase those pre-made ones, they’re usually packed with unhealthy fats, sodium, and preservatives. Grabbing fast-food breakfast sandwiches isn’t any better. Try making your own instead by placing a veggie scramble on top of a piece of whole-wheat toast with a bit of cheese.

5 – Muffins
Yes, they’re yummy, but they’re really usually just cake with a different name. Not only do they contain refined flour, sugar, and vegetable oils, they’re usually very large and far more than a serving size. Add chocolate chips or even dried fruits and you increase the sugar and calorie content even more. Best to skip them.

:Skip these items at breakfast and choose healthier fare. And don’t forget to add your Prevagen supplement in the morning to boost brain health.