She gave Prevagen a try…and was operating on all cylinders again.

Octavia, 86

With her sparkling blue eyes and only the occasional sighting of a gray hair on her lovely head, actress and model Octavia is approaching her 87th year with a lifetime of wonderful memories that are bathed in the smell of the greasepaint, the glare of the footlights, and the gratifying sound of applause.

Octavia got started in the entertainment industry as a young woman out of North Carolina when she began a long stage career touring community theaters appearing in well-known plays and historical dramas produced and directed by her husband Richard. His own career blossomed as one of the top screen writers and producers in the industry, with credits that include many of the most beloved motion pictures and popular TV series.

Because her husband is no longer able to take care of himself and is living in a special care environment, it’s entirely understandable that Octavia is living by herself these days in Burbank, in the midst of the entertainment heart of Los Angeles, where legendary major movie studios and West Coast network TV broadcast operations can be found pumping out entertainment just a short drive from her home.

As big a role that stage and screen and TV sets have played in her life, however, that’s not the whole story. Octavia and Richard managed to raise a large family while building their own careers. She takes understandable pride in all the members of their family, mentioning as an example a daughter who became a successful attorney before changing direction to become a health care professional in the Seattle area.

Once Octavia and her husband had begun visiting the Durango, Colorado branch of the family tree, they soon decided to establish a home-away-from-home there, too. These days Octavia can often be found in their mountain lodge, enjoying a breath of fresh air up in the San Juans, taking a break from life in the City of Angels and no doubt drifting down memory lane.

Recently, Octavia noticed some slippage in what had always been her razor-sharp memory so she gave Prevagen a try. Before she could repeat one of her favorite lines from her days on the stage, this still beautiful lady from Burbank was operating on all cylinders again and back to herself, sharp as the proverbial tack.

And when you ask her for some well-earned words of advice, this member of the PrevaGeneration cuts right to the heart of the matter: “Enjoy each day of your life, because it may be your last.”