“When I tried Prevagen, I could tell the difference.”

Elaine, 71
Water Exercise Therapist

If you find yourself in a swimming pool someday, walking or exercising to relieve your aching body or doing some pre- or post-op pool therapy, you might want to think about Elaine. This 71-year-old lady has spent nearly her whole life teaching people the wonders of water exercise and therapy.

Elaine now hails from southern Louisiana but grew up in Texas. She has been experiencing the wonders of gravity-free aquatic exercises for a long time, beginning when she was just a child.

“When I was five, I had polio,” she says. “That was during the polio epidemic I was paralyzed from the waist down, and the doctors said I’d never walk again. Well, God and I had a little talk and I said oh yes I will. Part of my therapy for over a year was water therapy, and through these exercises I started getting feelings back and my paralysis started going away. I continued with water and land exercise and I’m still walking today.”

That life-changing experience led Elaine to becoming a certified water exercise and therapy instructor. She and her husband moved to south Louisiana, where there weren’t as many salt water pools, which Elaine prefers for people spending time in a pool.

Elaine has always been someone who prides herself in her multi-tasking ability and her strong desire to make plans for whatever she may need to do, whether it’s been as a wife, mother, trainer or an instructor, or just taking a road trip with her family. As the years have gone by, she began to sense some slippage in her ability to remember everything on her to-do list so she decided to find a product to help her improve her memory.

“I tried other products to help my memory and thought process but they didn’t help me,” she says. “But when I tried Prevagen, I could tell the difference.”

That has been a real plus for Elaine, who has never lost her strong determination to overcome her childhood polio and her lifelong commitment to help others find relief from their aches and pains exercising in water. She’s never lost her positive outlook on life.

“I just feel like positiveness is so important,” she says, “and Prevagen certainly makes a difference in being able to keep a positive outlook on life.”