“My memory has improved. It really has and that's no joke”

Todd, 57
Fitness Equipment Specialist

Todd stays plenty busy these days installing, repairing, and servicing exercise equipment in fitness centers, businesses and homes all around his home in the north Georgia community of Cumming.

He and his fiancé, Laura, follow a strict vegetarian diet and find time for as much exercise as they can work in, besides taking good care of their three rescue dogs and five cats, that is.

“I love to mountain bike on the weekends,” says this 57-year-old military veteran. “I grew up playing baseball, so I've gravitated back to playing men's softball now. Sometimes we're fortunate enough to go away for hikes in the mountains around here.”

He spent a total of 23 years in the military, including three combat tours as a Marine, twice in Iraq and the third tour in Qatar, and finally took his well-earned retirement in 2017.

I love to donate to the pet rescue organizations and to the military, especially programs for service men and woman who’ve been wounded. So yeah, that's kind of in my blood. I love to give back whenever I can,” he explains.

“That's pretty much who I am, a family guy who came from a good family. My dad was a minister, and I had a solid upbringing with strong values and morals.”

Todd explains that his job requires keeping up with a lot of things about the fitness equipment he installs and services, and he says, “Over the years my memory had been declining a bit, as can happen with age. And that is a point of concern for me because I want to stay sharp."

Last year, after trying other products, he decided to give Prevagen a whirl. “When I got on to the Prevagen my memory actually began to notice a benefit,” he says.

My memory has improved. It really has and that's no joke. You know, I did see the benefits start to kick in. So I'm sticking with it. This is long term for me.

For a fellow who knows all about commitment, those words carry a lot of weight.