“It improved my memory where I became more confident in my performance.”

Joe, 81
Singer and Entrepreneur

Joe is living these days in Bradenton, Florida, mainly to be near his daughter and grandchildren, a well-earned, comfortable life for this 81-year-old crooner and entertainment entrepreneur.  Joe’s main claim to fame is as a singer of songs from what’s often called The Great American Songbook, that canon of beloved 20th-century American jazz standards, popular songs and show tunes.  

That covers a lot of music, to be sure, but Joe especially loves to perform songs that are close to the heart of folks who once swooned to music before the advent of Rock ‘n Roll. “I can do Broadway songs,” he likes to tell you. “I can do the great standards, things of that nature.”

Joe was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, the child of Italian parents who instilled a love of music in him. He went off to college, studied at a prestigious school of music where he learned the breathing techniques that leading crooners used, and embarked on a career as a vocalist, performing the songs he loves, touring with dance bands, and entertaining at colleges and night clubs across the country.

In the early 1960s as the popular music scene was changing, Joe decided to branch out from his career as a singer and began to pursue a new career in broadcasting. He formed his own consulting firm working with broadcast stations and entertainment companies. But the love of singing stayed with him, and he continues to perform and release recordings of his tributes to the singers he’s always loved and admired.

A few years ago, Joe began having trouble with his memory, as can happen with age.  “I am a singer who needed memory clarification,” he explains. “I saw a Prevagen ad and decided to try it. It improved my memory where I became more confident in my performance.

 Joe continues, “I felt more confident on stage. You know, ad libbing with the audience. I just noticed the difference where I was feeling a little challenged. I knew that I had to probably be doing something about it.  And I noticed the difference. I mean, I can remember things and today people marvel at my memory.

For this crooner of the old songs, that’s something to sing about.