Top Exciting, Must-Do Summer Activities
Fun Summer Activities

The 4 Must-Do Summer Activities

Maybe a big vacation isn’t possible this summer, but you can still find some exciting things to do as you enjoy the long, warm days that come with the season. Take advantage of the sunny days and a more laid-back schedule by planning some fun activities. Get creative this summer and try one – or more – of these must-do summer activities.

1 – Whip Up Homemade Ice Cream Together
There's really nothing that captures the essence of summertime like ice cream, and even if your favorite little ice cream shops are closed or functioning in limited capacity right now, you can still enjoy ice cream fun at home. Have fun whipping up your own homemade ice cream with an ice cream maker. Everyone can get involved and then you can kick back and enjoy the result of your effort. We’re pretty sure everyone will vote to do this activity more than once this summer.

2 – Spend Time on the Water
Whether it’s a lake, river, or ocean, spending some time on the water is a must in the hot summer months. Head out on a boat ride. Go swimming. Lie on the beach and work on your tan. Plan a fishing trip. When you’re at the water, you can enjoy so many different fun activities. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of sunscreen.

3 – Plan an Outdoor Picnic
While it sounds pretty simple, a picnic is an old summer favorite that everyone should do at least once while the days are long and warm. Pack up some food and drinks, find a grassy area, toss down a quilt, and have a meal with people you love. If social distancing is keeping you from going to parks or other areas, you can always take your picnic to your back yard and still have a blast.

4 – Have a Bonfire
A bonfire is the perfect way to enjoy those beautiful summer nights with people you love. Build a big fire, and make sure you have all the ingredients for s’mores on hand. Bring a guitar and sing campfire songs, tell stories, and just enjoy being with the people you love most for an evening.

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