Steer Clear of These Popular Fall Dishes
Steer Clear of These Popular Fall Dishes

Steer Clear of These Popular Fall Dishes

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, it’s easy to begin reaching for our favorite fall comfort foods. Unfortunately, the wrong food choices will have you packing on the pounds before the holidays arrive, and unhealthy choices don’t do your body or brain any good, either. Here are a few of the most popular fall dishes to steer clear of, as well as some healthier alternatives.

1 – Chili
Not much says fall like warm soups and stews, and chili is one of the most popular antidotes to a chilly fall day. Unfortunately, all the cheese and beef can pack in more saturated fat than you’d like. And if you add canned beans, you’re getting extra sodium, too.

Don’t want to give up your chili? Go with ground turkey or other lean meats to lower the amount of saturated fat. Add more veggies and beans to boost fiber and nutritional content. Use dried beans or no added salt canned options to reduce the sodium content.

2 – Fall Breads
Apple breads, pumpkin breads, and traditional-style cranberry-orange loaves are all delicious, but if you treat them as a breakfast side instead of a rare treat, you won’t do your body any favors. All the added sugar can raise blood sugar levels and pack on pounds if you’re not careful.

Must have that fall pumpkin or apple bread? Bake your own at home. You can control the sugar and fat content, adding more fruit/veggies and less sugar.

3 – Tailgate Foods
Fall means football, which may mean you’re getting invited to (or hosting) plenty of tailgates. Key foods in tailgate spreads include hot dogs, dips, and hamburgers, all of which are loaded with fat.

Transform your tailgate by going with lean meats for burgers — ground turkey is great — and make vegetables the star of the show instead of chips. Try hummus or Greek yogurt dips instead of cheesy, creamy dips laden with fat.

Just because you’re avoiding unhealthy fall dishes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of your favorites in a new, healthier year this autumn. And as you’re making healthy swaps, don’t forget to start taking a daily Prevagen supplement this fall. It boosts memory and brain health, and that’s something you can feel great about every day.