How Talking to Yourself Improves Brain Health
Talking to Yourself

How Talking to Yourself Improves Brain Health

Ever suddenly realize that you were talking to yourself? While plenty of jokes exist about people who talk to themselves, you may be surprised to find out that not only is it normal, but talking to yourself can improve brain health, too.

Known as intrapersonal communication, self-talk (talking to yourself) is a type of internal communication in which you’re both the sender and the receiver of the communication. And intrapersonal communication is the basis on which other types of communication – such as social communication or interpersonal communication – are built upon.

So how does talking to yourself help your brain? One study discovered that when you ask yourself what a piece of information means out loud, it improves your ability to learn, likely by helping your brain transfer the information from a working memory into your long-term memory.

Self-directed talk also affects how your brain processes things, specifically visual processes. Hearing the names of things can assist you with visual perception and make it easier to find things. Those conversations you have with yourself help your brain.

You can begin talking to yourself more to improve brain performance. According to research, the more you practice talking to yourself, the more it helps you to complete tasks and goals. When you’re having a difficult time focusing, speaking things aloud can improve focus and enhance performance.

When you do talk to yourself, keep the following things in mind for the best results:

  • Keep communication with yourself clear and focused, especially if you’re feeling confused.
  • Be sure you use encouraging, positive words when you speak to yourself, such as "I will" or "I can."
  • Practice talking to yourself. It’s like anything else, you need to practice self-talk in your life to improve brain health and function.

There's no need to feel silly if you notice you’re talking to yourself. Instead, encourage the practice. Remember, it's something easy you can do to give your brain health a boost.

Of course, on top of talking to yourself, be sure that you're living an active and healthy lifestyle. While you're taking care of your body, taking memory pills, such as Prevagen is an easy way to ensure you’re living a healthy life!