Improve Cooking Skills
How to Sharpen Your Cooking Skills

How to Sharpen Your Cooking Skills


Some of you may turn to cooking as a form of stress relief. Some of you might get overwhelmed at the very thought of cooking. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that cooking is a necessary skill to have. Whether you are a seasoned pro in the kitchen, or just starting out, there is always room to expand your cooking knowledge! Read on for ways to improve your cooking skills!


4 Ways to Improve Your Cooking Skills:

  1. Ingredients matter. The ingredients you use in your recipes matter. How do you manage to get high-quality ingredients? Try to use vegetables and fruits that are in season. Even better, support local farmers and make a weekend trip to your local farmers market. Farmers are proud of what they grow, and their pride will show in their produce!
  2. Recipes are a guideline. Unlike baking, where measurements need to be exact, cooking is a totally different game! Cooking gives you a chance to be creative. You truly can make a recipe your own by adding your own little twist. As you cook more, you’ll get the feel for it and it will become more instinctual. Remember: Recipes are a wonderful guideline, but not a rule!
  3. Taste as you go. You’ve just spent a good portion of the evening preparing dinner. As you sit down to eat, you realize your meal is incredibly bland. How do we avoid this problem again? Taste your meal as you are cooking it! This will allow you to adjust your spices and seasonings as necessary.
  4. Have fun! Always try to have fun while cooking! Cooking is not supposed to be a stressful experience. Learn to enjoy every part of cooking. Take time to appreciate the fresh produce, take in all of the aromas coming together, and try to enjoy every step of the process! Sit down, relax, and enjoy what you just created!


Next time you are cooking, remember these tips. Appreciate every step of the cooking process. Soon enough, you’ll be an expert in the kitchen! Looking for a new recipe to cook for dinner? Try this: Garlic Salmon with Couscous