How to Have a Friendsgiving

How to Have a Friendsgiving

We're willing to bet that you know what Thanksgiving is. Have you ever heard of Friendsgiving, though? It’s exactly what it sounds like. Friendsgiving is blending Thanksgiving and your closest friends together. Our friends are often referred to as the family we choose, and Friendsgiving gives you a chance to spend time with friends during the season. If you haven't already tried it, find out why you should have a Friendsgiving this year!

  • No Travel
  • Creative Meals
  • Special Bonds


1. No Travel. Thanksgiving and travel typically go hand in hand. However, if you have a Friendsgiving, minimum travel is needed! What normally comes along with travel? Stress. When you feel stressed, your brain doesn't function as it normally does. You may become more forgetful and less focused when stressed. When you take the stress out of Friendsgiving, everyone and everything benefits – including your brain health.

2. Creative Meals. Who doesn't love the typical Thanksgiving dinner? However, Friendsgiving is your chance to steer away from the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Think outside of the box and choose a different kind of theme for Friendsgiving! Try having only mini foods – mini pies, mini tarts, and sliders – and give your creative side a chance to work. Sit down with your friends and have everyone list 2-3 ideas for themes. You’ll have fun coming up with ideas, all while giving your brain a workout!

3. Special Bonds. We've saved the best for last. Friends are so special to have in your life, and bonding with them will make everyone feel happier. Having friendships will affect your serotonin, influencing your mood, behavior, memory, and learning! Getting together with your friends will affect your health in ways you would have never thought before.

So, go on and make it a goal to have your first official Friendsgiving this year if you haven't already begun the tradition. It's such a great way to create time for your friends and to let them know how appreciative you are of their company. Happy Friendsgiving, everyone!