Fun, Healthy Date Night Ideas
Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas that Do Your Body (And Your Brain) Good

It's the month of love and relationships, and last week we had so much fun delving into the tasty topic of chocolates around the world.  

Although Valentine's Day is over, if you want to continue improving your relationships this year, you definitely need to plan some date nights with your significant other to nurture your bond. Even friendships need some attention, and planning evenings to simply hang out can help you strengthen the bonds of friendship.

The typical night out often revolves around food and drink, but why not shake things up a bit this year? Whether it's a night out with your love or an evening with friends, here are some great ideas that'll do a body, and your brain, good.

  • Take a Dance Class – Dance classes offer a romantic way to spend some time together, and they’re not only a great way to get some exercise, but they also boost brain health. Recent studies have found that the combination of mental effort, social interaction, and music helps reduce the risk of cognitive decline and improves mood.
  • Get Flexible Together – Just like dancing, yoga can be a great couple’s activity. Whether you go with something slow and calm or a yoga class that’s more physically demanding, it offers physical and mental benefits. Yoga has been shown to reduce cognitive decline and has a positive effect on mental health, not to mention it may help reduce stress and boost immune function.
  • Try a Painting Class – Take a painting class or get together with friends and try your hand at this artsy pastime. Not only is it enjoyable, but painting also improves creativity, communication skills, and memory while boosting self-esteem and reducing stress.
  • Make it a Game Night – From brain training games to good old-fashioned board games, a game night with your partner or a group of friends is a great way to boost brain health. Many games deal with cognitive functions like problem-solving, information retention, and memory, sharpening your mind and your memory.
  • Try a Nature Night – Whether it’s a night walking the beach together, taking a hike, or wandering through a park, spending time outdoors is great for your overall health and your brain health. Spending time in nature has been proven to boost problem-solving skills and sharpen mental focus.

Have fun trying out these ideas this month or share your own fun date night ideas with us. Stay tuned, especially if you’d like to make more friends. Next week we’ll be offering some great suggestions for expanding your circle of friends this year.