Are You Brain Healthy? Find Out!
Are You Brain Healthy? Find Out!

Are You Brain Healthy? Find Out!

Your brain is a lot like the other organs in the body — brain health is determined by how this organ functions and the nutrients, oxygen, and blood flow it gets. The lifestyle you live has a lot to do with brain health, and how you sleep, move, and even what you eat impacts the health of the brain.

Are you brain healthy? Are you doing the right things to boost brain health? Let’s find out…

Do You Exercise Regularly?

Exercise is key for a healthy brain, and studies show that in aging adults, routine aerobic training can result in improved spatial memory, while additional studies show the link between exercise and reducing the risk of age-related memory loss.

What Are You Eating?

What you eat impacts brain health, too. Studies specifically show that eating a heart-healthy, Mediterranean diet can minimize age-related adverse effects on your memory. Additional science has shown that eating a Mediterranean-like diet may be the most effective way of eating for cognition and memory.

How’s Your Sleep Quality?

Yes, how you’re sleeping at night plays a part in the health of the brain. Higher quality and quantity of sleep may reduce the risk of cognitive issues. How you’re breathing while asleep affects the brain, too. The amount of oxygen that gets delivered to your brain is critical, and when you don’t get enough, it can adversely affect brain function.

Are You Stimulating Your Brain?

Stimulating the brain has been shown effective at reducing memory loss. Finding ways to stimulate the brain through learning new things or engaging in brain games can minimize the risk age-related cognitive impairment.

Healthy eating, exercise, sleeping well, and stimulating the brain all play a part in brain health. If you’re not doing these things, then it’s time to change…for your memory’s sake! And don’t forget your Prevagen supplement, too. It’s clinically shown to boost memory and brain health and comes pharmacist-recommended.