Are Trending Diets Safe for Heart and Brain Health
Trending Diets: Are They a Safe Choice for a Healthy Heart and Brain?

Trending Diets: Are They a Safe Choice for a Healthy Heart and Brain?

Last week we talked about some great exercises that offer benefits for heart and brain health. Hopefully, you tried a couple of them out to benefit your ticker!

As we continue celebrating American Heart Month, we wanted to talk a little about some of the hottest diets right now. It's easy to jump on board with diet trends, but not every diet is a healthy choice for your heart or your brain.

We're taking a closer look at trending diets and whether they're a safe choice that will help you improve heart, brain, and overall health.

The Ketogenic Diet
You've probably heard of the keto diet. It's a very strict diet that is moderate in protein, high in fat, and very low in carbs. The goal of the diet is to make your body start using fat for fuel instead of carbs, helping you lose weight.

Some new studies suggest that the diet may have brain health benefits, reducing cognitive decline and age-related brain problems. However, it may not be the best choice for your heart because of the high fat content. Talk to a doctor before you give it a try – it's not a safe choice for everyone.

The Whole 30 Diet
The Whole 30 diet involves eating whole, fresh foods. It allows eggs, fish, and meat in moderation, encourages lots of vegetables, and requires that you limit fruit and eliminate added sugars, grains, dairy, legumes, and junk food for 30 days.

Eating whole fresh foods is a plus for this diet. It's great for your heart, brain, and your entire body. However, the diet completely eliminates whole grains, and whole grains are proven to have benefits for your heart health.

Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet is rich in fish, vegetables, fruits, olive oil, legumes, and even allows some red wine. Study after study backs up the health benefits of this diet, which is why it's become a popular diet recommended by doctors.

Research has found that the Mediterranean diet is associated with a lower risk of death from heart problems. It's even been shown to lower age-related mental decline. A recent study from Columbia University also suggested that it could delay brain shrinkage as you age. Overall, research proves that this diet is a winner for heart health, brain health, and overall health.

Remember, not every trending diet is a good choice for your heart health. Research your options and talk to your doctor. Then choose a diet that will help you lose weight while offering heart, brain, and overall health benefits.

Stay tuned for more ways you can improve your heart health this month. We'll be back next week with a closer look at heart-healthy foods and how they affect brain health.