How to Beat Exercise Boredom
Exercise Boredom

How to Beat Exercise Boredom

You already know how important exercise is to your overall health. It strengthens bones, improves balance, helps control weight, boosts energy, and even offers big brain benefits. Still, it’s easy to become bored with your exercise routine from time to time. The next thing you know, you’re skipping workouts because they’re not interesting you or challenging you anymore.

Maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit, refreshing your workout routine. If you’re feeling bored with exercise, here are a few helpful tips to help you beat exercise boredom and bring fun back to your workouts.

Tip #1 – Make Sure You’re Doing Something You Love
You don’t have to do things you dislike. When you don’t enjoy an activity, it’s tough to feel motivated and you probably won’t magically love it after a few months. To ensure you’ll stick with exercise long-term without being bored, pick exercise options you really love.

Tip #2 – Set Goals
Want to beat boredom and stay motivated? Set small goals when you’re exercising. Maybe it’s doing a few more reps or reducing your time by a couple of seconds. Keep goals realistic and achievable, and they’ll keep you coming back for more, giving you something to celebrate.

Tip #3 – Change it Up
Even if you’re doing things you love, make sure you’re changing up your exercise routine. Going on autopilot leads to boredom. Even if you just do exercises in a new order, it’s enough to catch your brain off guard. Another idea is to add in a new exercise or try out something you’ve never done before. Change keeps your brain – and your muscles – guessing.

Tip #4 – Exercise with Someone
You don’t have to exercise alone. If you’re feeling bored, try exercising with someone from time to time. A friend can make you push a little harder, and having company can make the time pass faster, busting boredom.

Tip #5 – Take it Outdoors
Training indoors gets old fast, so try taking your workout outdoors to eliminate boredom. Being in nature offers great brain benefits, reducing stress and giving you a change of scenery while you exercise.

Don’t let boredom keep you from exercising. Try these tips the next time you start feeling a bit bored with your workouts. Along with your workout, make sure you’re taking a daily Prevagen memory supplement. Exercise fuels the body and brain, and Prevagen boosts memory and brain health. Together, they’re a win-win!