4 Ways to Completely Relax

4 Ways to Completely Relax

Sometimes, life gets stressful. Many people are dealing with extra stress right now with all the changes in our world. Ongoing stress has the potential to increase your risk of many health problems, and it takes a toll on your brain, too. Learning to relax and combat stress offers significant overall health and brain benefits. If you’re looking for ways that you can kick back and relax completely, here are a few great ideas to try.

1 – Deep Breathing
Breathing. It sounds simple, but many people hold their breath or only breathe shallowly, especially when they’re stressed. When you take deep breaths, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, slowing down your heart, relieving tension, and relaxing your muscles. It’s the opposite of what happens when your body deals with stress.

To relax, focus on taking big, deep breaths deep into your body, and exhaling slowly. If it helps, count to five on your inhale and five on your exhale. Continue focusing on your breath, how it feels, and your body relaxing. Try this anytime you need to relax.

2 – Head to the Water
Water has this amazing power to relax the body and mind. Studies even show that people that spend a lot more time around water – sometimes called bluescapes – have lower stress levels. Even if you can’t afford that oceanfront home, taking a day off to go to the beach or a nearby river or lake can help you relax. Or simply pull up a beautiful photo or video of the ocean on your computer or phone and focus on it while you’re doing your deep breathing.

3 – Enjoy a Massage
Massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system, as well, which helps the body relax. It specifically helps release muscle tension. Your body will feel great and your brain will reap the benefits, too.

4 – Get Creative
Fostering creativity by engaging in a favorite hobby like playing an instrument, working on a mini Zen garden, or painting can help you relax, too. When you engage in a creative hobby you enjoy, it makes you feel happy and can even change your perspective on life. Life is full of obligations and things we must-do. It soothes your body and brain when you get creative, do something you enjoy, and just relax.

Along with trying these excellent ways to relax, doing something daily to boost brain health is a great idea, too. Try adding Prevagen to your daily routine to boost memory and improve brain health.